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Professionals Solving Real Estate Problems

You deserve exceptional service when you are selling a large asset like a house. We are the real estate professionals known for providing that level of service in the Metro Phoenix area. 

Our team has closed over 150 real estate transactions and helped multiple families through tough situations. That means we know how to solve difficult real estate problems.

We want to understand the situation that you are in so we can create an offer that will solve your house difficulties. You don’t have to live with that stress any longer. Because we can buy your house today.

Buying Houses Quickly

The traditional way to sell a house typically takes months and months. It’s stressful not knowing when or if your house will sell. And most people just accept those long waiting times. 

But you don’t have to wait for months and months because we buy houses fast. We use cash so we don’t have to wait for banks or mortgage companies. We have private funds lined up and waiting for us to find another Metro Phoenix property to purchase. 

We understand that time may be critical in your situation. So we work with homeowners who need to sell a property quickly. We can get you an offer in about 24 hours and close in just days. That means money in your pocket faster. 

Lowering Stress Immediately

We focus on stopping the pressure that people have on them. You can forget about doing any repairs, remodeling, updating, or even cleaning.  Those things can take too much money and time.

Our crews will take care of any cleaning, painting, fixing, and remodeling after we purchase your house even if it needs a ton of repairs.  

No more spending money. No more trying to find a contractor. No more doing all the work yourself. We can take all that stress away. Because we buy houses in As-Is condition.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Our Team

Scott BowerPresident: Scott Bower

Scott is an energetic and health conscious Real Estate Entrepreneur.  A transplant from the state of Iowa, he has excelled in business from his very first venture. Entrepreneurship has come naturally for Scott, starting his first company at the age of 17.  He studied at the University of Iowa with degrees in Business Communication and Entrepreneurial Management, also studying Health Promotion with an emphasis in Nutrition before moving to Arizona to dominate in his Real Estate career.

Starting his real estate career in residential retail Real Estate sales with Keller Williams Realty closing $2.2MM in volume his first 12 months, he quickly realized being a realtor was not for him. Since then, he has moved to investing in Real Estate flipping over 200 transactions with over $20,000,000 in closed volume to date while also building a portfolio of rental properties.  He also hosts the #INVESTTHIS Podcast, interviewing the elite of Real Estate Investors to provide maximum value for his listeners.  Now with his knowledge and experience, he is moving into larger investment opportunities in multi-family and commercial Real Estate, focusing on building strong relationships with his investors, capital preservation with solid returns, and building wealth for his family.



Natalie Webster

Elite Executive Assistant:  Natalie Webster

Natalie Webster, Elite Executive Assistant for Scott Bower. Natalie is a systems master. She is responsible for all behind the scenes work at Southwest Property Buyers, HBSB Holdings and Scott’s podcast #INVESTTHIS Podcast. Natalie is a US Air Force Veteran, Real Estate Investor and lover of sustainable farming. Natalie joined Scott’s team in early 2018.



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